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Stuntworld - Clients

"This is our fiftieth show and that was the best act that we have ever seen"
Ralph Rees, M.C. on the conclusion of Stuntworld at Milford Haven Show 2009

Fantastic show again lads, same again next year'
Stuart Holmes, Tatton Park American Car Show. Stuntworld, booked every year for the last ten years.

'After such a fantastic show in Bangkok, we need you now in Las Vegas'
Paul Barrow, Show promoter.
'James keeps the scorched helmet as a graphic reminder of the terrifying stunt, he’ll never try again’ '
Stacey Keach, US actor on James Dylans Fire Wall World Record Attempt.
'We book you every year because you are the best value show going'
Bill North, Macclesfield Fun Day.
'It was the most spectacular and daring stunt of the day'
Carlton Television on James Dylan.
'The greatest show in Britain today'
Alistair Jackson, TV reporter on Stuntworld.
'And what if we dared him to come back and try it again’ – I dare You The Ultimate Challenge'
US television programme on James Dylan.
'Absobl**dylutely fantastic show'
Geoff Coulter, Australian Show Promoter on joint show of James Dylan and The Kangaroo Kid.
'We have booked you at every show for the last 15 years because you are not only the best show we have ever seen, but also great value for money'
Alan Burton, Macclesfield Carnival.
'Brilliant show once again, well done'
Paul Butler, Show Promoter.
'You're mad'
Geoff Capes, Worlds Strongest Man


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