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The Stuntworld Team

Name: James Dylan

About: James Dylan attempted to drive around the world in 1969 and ended up almost starving to death in darkest Africa, returning home he still had a lust for adventure and joined a travelling Stunt Show, three years later he formed his own team, this was the birth of Stuntworld.

In those days James used to enter the arena by parachute and attempt to land on the back of a moving motorcycle, a stunt that he succeeded in doing several times. Over the years he has gained 5 world records, appeared on numerous televisionshows and his exploits have been shown on everything from 'Stars on Sunday' to 'The Worlds Most Amazing Videos'.

He is the official trainer for the Stunt Show at Euro Disney and is also chosen by many of today's top stuntmen as a Stunt Co-ordinator. What more can be said about such a character!

Show Bike: Honda XR 400 and Custom built Buggy.


James Dylan


Name: Chris

About: Chris has been riding bikes since the age of 3! He started racing motocross a few years later. Over the years, Chris has won 3 motocross championships and countless races, he has competed in class's including 100cc, 125cc and open class events from youth to adult in both club and at a national level.

Chris placed 2nd junior at the "Big Air Jam" UK Freestyle Motocross comp.

Chis joined the Stuntworld team when he was just 16 years old and has been riding with them for 10 years. With already 22 years experience and only 26 years old Chris always amazes with huge breath taking jumps and skillful stunts. Some say his favorite drink is Red Bull and petrol....

Show Bike: Honda CRF 450

Name: Stewart

About: Stewart has been riding for Stuntworld for over 20 years. He holds the world record for jumping over 160 people with a jump of 150ft.

Known in the team as 'Mr Cool' Stewart is at home performing high dives on fire, jumping motorcycles and crashing cars, he knows just one speed for the latter......FLAT OUT!

Show Bike: Honda CRF 450

Stewart Shaw

Name: Kev

About: Kev is 27 years old and comes from a motocross racing background. He started riding from a young age, and has raced motocross for over 11 years. Kev has competed in youth and adult classes both at club and national level and has notched up many race wins. As like Chris, Kev has taken a step back from motocross racing to focus on training and riding for the Stuntworld team.

Kev has been with the team for 6 years and some say he prefers 4 stroke oil to gravy......

Show Bike: Honda CRF 450

Name: Ashley

About: Ashley is a young, talented rider! He has been involved with motorcycle stunts from a very young age and at only 18 years old he is already experienced motorcycle jumper!

Ashley joined the Stuntworld team in 2013.

Show Bike: Suzuki RMZ 250

Ash - Stunt Shows UK

Name: John

About: John is 23 years old and is already a talented Freestyle Motocross rider. He has a bag full of FMX tricks and at only 23 years old he is one to watch in the UK FMX scene!

John joined the Stuntworld team in 2013.

Show Bike: Honda CRF 450

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